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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear you .............

Dear you ,
I'm sorry of being too jealous even you're not mine anymore . I said I don't love you anymore but deep in my heart I'm still in love with you . Since we broke up , I kept stalking your twitter and your account still in my phone and I will never delete it because it's the only I want to know how your day was and has been going and want to know more about you . I'm trying my best to hide it but it's too hard to being your friend after all our memories we've through with . I'm still in love with you and how can I move on when you are always be the one that I'm dreaming about . Seriously I cant forget you , I've tried but I still can't . That moment when I'm stalking you and you are mention with all pretty girls and I'm insecure . Yes , I admit it . You're not mine anymore but I still hoping that you will be mine again . When you tweeting something such as I miss you or whatever thing , I always felt like it was be but I was wrong , there's a girl who owned your heart . I'm not sure about that but maybe you both are in relationship or emm I don't know . If you love her than go on , I can't do anything because its your heart and I miss when I'm in it . Girl , you are so lucky to have him . He such a kind man I've ever met and high of patient , take a good care of him when he still yours , that's all I can do . I'll pray for you both happiness . I love you .
Sincerely , your ex .

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I'm lonely here :')

Nothings gonna change the way I feel and you know that I will always love you . Maybe I said I don't love you anymore , but deep in my heart ? You can't read my heart , sometimes I'm feeling like wanna pulled out my heart and give it to you so you will know what is in it . When I'm trying to give an explanation , my lips can't even say and I'm being speechless so I can't do nothing . Simplify I LOVE YOU

Monday, March 4, 2013

Best friend forever xx ❤ ‏

Hi , em lamanya tak update hihi . Nak cerita pasal bestfriend or lesbo kita ni . Yang freehair tu Nur Shafiqa Sazreen orang panggil dia erin , sorang lagi Engku Raodatul Jannah panggil jannah hahahha detailnyalah zzzzz. Umm dieorg jantung hati memang takkan lupa lah hihi sweetnya xx . Pergi mana mana mesti dengan diorang , umm susahnya nak berpisah hihi . Gambar tu time kiteorg gi tc , mandi hujan bersama , makan bersama , dan malam tu pun lepak bersama hihi sayang erin dengan jannah sampai bebila :****

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You're my only shorty ❤ ‏

Forever favorite ❤ ‏This song remind me of him . Because he's always said to me "my shorty" . I love you ❤ ‏

Monday, January 14, 2013


Since school started , I've got a lot of homework and maybe a ton of homework per day . Umm cikgu ingat kita ada lapan tangan ke nak siapkan semua . Hmm dengan peraturan barunya . New rules are suck . Malas lah nak buat homewok banyak banyak . Nota yang banyak kena buat . Yeah I'm a lazy girl ever . I can't change the way I am . I'm sorry teacher . Okay this year nak berubah and alhamdulillah setakat ni semua homework siap . Tapi haa lah kan tidur pukul 3 pagi sebab buat homework . Sokay and read that words above .

School XD

School ? Umm , best sebenarnya . Boleh jumpa kawan , lepak dengan kawan and semuanya dengan kawan . Saya tak benci sekolah , tapi saya benci homework and bitches . Hmm tu je . Tapi en kalau Our Schools On Fire memang double thumbs up lah . Hihi jahat en saya ? Bye :*

Me xoxo ❤ ‏