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Monday, August 13, 2012

A long as you love me .

Love , love , love and love . Let's talk about love . Everyone have a boyfriend / girlfriend . Hahahhaaha , including me . Okay , I'm glad to have someone special in my life and I love him so much . I don't know how I got him , heeeeeee . K stop . Dude , if you have a girlfriend please , don't ever try to praise other girls . Mana lah perempuan tak marah bf dia sibuk dengan perempuan tu perempuan ni . Makan kaki kang . Okay then , boys you must know what she do in her day . Caring lah sikit ;) Always care about her , don't let her go . About girls , if they have a boyfriend , she always saying something sweet to her boyfriend . And don't play with her jealous . If you dare to play your gf jealous, You have to dare to receive a reward from him. Don't regret it . Appreciate the people who love you and love them back .

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